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Niall for 'That Moment' [C]

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Songs that should have been singles / Justin Bieber

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Justinbieber: New Music #YMCMB


Justinbieber: New Music #YMCMB


[slips god a twenty] please make sure niall horan lives forever

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birdman5star: Thanks tha lil homey @justinbieber my lil mini G @briawilliams1 BDAY party YMCMB RG


Footage of Justin Bieber in jail last month following his DUI arrest, while taking a sobriety test.

Here it is … the footage of Justin Bieber in jail last month following his DUI arrest … the same footage Bieber tried to keep out of the public eye … but it may actually HELP him.

The video shows Bieber taking a sobriety test while inside the jail facility — trying to walk a straight line.

Law enforcement sources tell us … this particular clip is their best evidence Bieber was under the influence — because he misses a couple steps — but we gotta be honest … it’s not THAT bad. Watch the video and judge for yourselves.

As we reported, Justin’s lawyers tried to block the release of the footage — after video surfaced of him getting patted down in jail — but the judge told them to pound sand.

(February 26 via TMZ)